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Monday, June 26
Invoking God into our Week

Matthew 19:14

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me…”

Healthy adult interaction is a tremendous benefit to children. Think of the adults in your childhood that had a positive influence on you. Here is a healthy WWJD (what-would-Jesus-do) moment: How could you be a blessing to a child today? Picture at least one child, pray for him/her and the VBS children as well to grow in faith toward God.

Lord, help me be a healthy influence on children. I pray this as Your child, now and forever thanks to Jesus Christ my Lord. May He also be theirs. Amen!


We step into this week celebrating You, Abba, Father in heaven;

We celebrate You, Jesus, our brother who took on flesh to be like us in every way, yet without sin;

We celebrate You, Holy Spirit, by whom we cry as children: “Abba Father”. 

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Tuesday, June 27
In the Word

Psalm 90:16

May your deeds be shown to your servants, your splendor to their children.

What is God currently doing in your life that could later (or even now) be told to children – maybe your own children, grandchildren, or even nephews, nieces, or neighbor kids?

Telling stories captivates many kids, and Jesus often used stories to talk about the love of God and of His own family, the church. Anybody you could practice some storytelling with?

Lord, show me how I can share Your splendor and love with children… and help to the VBS kids to never forget Your love for them – even when they cease to be children physically.


Wednesday, June 28

Deuteronomy 4:9


Teach them to your children and to their children after them.

‘Them’ here in Deuteronomy 4:9 refers to the laws and decrees that God gave His people. There are all kinds of things, habits, and attitudes children pick up from adults (intentional or not). God commands us to help pick up His teaching through parents. And while parents are the focus, all adults can help teach – a parenting of sorts.

God, bless the children to have healthy adults teaching them Your ways on a regular basis. But rather than replacing the role of parents, let it supplement what the parents can do day in and day out. May it be so for Jesus’ sake, 


Thursday, June 29

Exodus 12:26


when your children ask you, 'What does this ceremony mean to you?'...

In Sunday School, the children learn many things with crafts and singing, and thematic food snacks all pointing back to the stories behind what they're learning. Kids don’t always understand the explanations though; have you ever explained (can you?) to others why you go through certain ‘ceremonies’ like church, and why we do certain things in church? Explain to someone today why and how you ‘follow Jesus’ as a disciple.

Friday, June 30

Psalm 127:3


Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.

Kids are sometimes viewed as nuisances, as troublemakers, as tyrants, mess-makers, you name it. But here God named it this way: Children are a reward from Him. Let that just sink in for a bit… don’t be in a hurry.

Lord Thank you for rewarding me with… (names of your children, any grandchildren, godchildren, or other children in your life). May I be a joy to them as well!


Saturday, July 1
The Saturday Set-Up for Worship

Leviticus 18:21


Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed

This bible verse shows that God abhorred (hated) the killing of children for religious purposes. Now couple that thought with another one: The actual sacrifice of His own son for our sins. How much must God detest sin and it’s effects if he allows his own son to go through a terrible, sacrificial death in order to free His people from sin and death?

Father God, the depth of your love is unfathomable – thanks!


Sunday, July 2
God's Blessing on His People

God Bless You

Matthew 17:11


If you, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children…

You may not much like being called ‘evil’ by Jesus, but welcome to the truth. Being evil doesn’t mean one is without any good, but rather he or she is not totally good. Since we, with ‘not always good’ tendencies, know how to give good things to kids, imagine how good God (without evil) is about giving gifts to His children.

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