Monday, September 11
Invoking God into our Week

“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities…” says God in Romans 13. This can serve as a great reminder to pray, uphold, honor and respect our government leaders as God’s established rule at this time. Let’s see how God’s Word sheds light regarding this component of living as a follower of Jesus:

1 Peter 2:13

Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted…

We are called to submit to authorities, not simply for our sake or for the sake of the government, but primarily for the Lord’s sake. Generally, we benefit from good government (Rom 13:4) and the government benefits from law-abiding Christians. Knowing that God has already promised to meet our needs, Christians submit to authority because God says so, direct benefits or not. Share a prayer for our current President’s leadership. Then open your week with the invocation:


We step into this week celebrating You, Father, who sets governments up and takes them down;

We celebrate You, Jesus, whose government will have no end;

We celebrate You, Holy Spirit,  who under whose leadership we can submit to authorities in a godly fashion;

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Tuesday, September 12
In the Word

1 Peter 2:17

Show proper respect to everyone…honor the king...

We are called to respect people in authority. As you do a gut-check here, how’s the report? People often throw respect of out the window when someone is on different sides of an issue or campaign. Don’t let your Christian values be overcome by your political persuasion. Pray for those “on both sides of the aisle”… and for proper respect to be maintained regardless of who is “in charge”. Add prayers for the relationships between police forces and their communities also.

Lord, I pray [insert your prayer here]


Wednesday, September 13

Romans 13:2


He who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has established…

Unless an authority commands us to do things clearly in violation of God’s Word (see Acts 4:19), we are expected to obey. Failure to do so is sinful. It is not necessarily black and white though, and different disciples may see things through different filters. But every disciple should be asking oneself in such matters whether rebellion is playing a role. Keep in mind that our original natures include a rebellious streak and that we often like to justify our wrong behavior. What rules do you ignore or flaunt or bend? Repent of your sins, and pray that all Christians experience remorse over wrong attitudes and actions related toward authorities.

Lord, I pray [insert your prayer here]


Thursday, September 14

Titus 3:1b


…be obedient [to the rulers and authorities]…

While this relates directly to our government authorities, scriptures also clarify that obedience is expected of authorities beyond a president or governor. Would your friends and co-workers characterize you as obedient? Would those who have held positions of authority in your life characterize you as obedient? Is there something you could improve on at this point of your life? Pray for greater obedience to the Lord’s authorities in your life.

Lord, I pray [insert your prayer here]


Friday, September 15

Titus 3:1c


Remind the people… to be ready to do whatever is good…

While not in the “obedience” realm, civil service and participation fall into this category. How many of us have sought to avoid serving Jury duty rather than embrace it? How many have considered actually serving in the government so often ridiculed? How many of us don’t bother voting? There are many opportunities to do good…

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Lord, help me be ready to be respectable and do good as a citizen of my country.


Saturday, September 16
The Saturday Set-Up for Worship

Romans 13:4


He (the government) is God’s servant to do you good…

Whether we see a particular establishment of governance as beneficial or not, the intent of government in general is to do us good. Pray that the government of the United States (and other countries as well) actually lives up to its God-ordained purpose of existence – to be a blessing to people here and across the world.

Lord, I pray [insert your prayer here]


Sunday, September 17
God's Blessing on His People

God Bless You

Romans 13:6


This is why you pay taxes...

So, in case you were wondering – this is why we as Christians pay taxes: To support a government that has been established by God. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s (Matt 22:21). While the government may lay claim to part of what we have, God lays claim to all that we are and have. “We are not our own”, God says in 1 Cor. 6:20 – we are His, bought at a price – the life of Jesus Christ Himself. Who do you think you have been shorting more, God or the government?

Lord, I pray [insert your prayer here]


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