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2018 Devotions

January, 2018

God Bless You

Today's theme is not just for the week, but for the year: we have two phrases from Jesus that we will be applying...

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February, 2018

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Does it sound scandalous to say God will reward one for fasting? While Jesus rebukes people over fasting for ungodly reasons, he also says...

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March, 2018

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Do not worry… Jesus (in His Sermon on the Mount)

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April, 2018

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Jesus warned his first disciples to beware of false teachers and test them by taking a look at their fruit. He is warning us to...

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May, 2018

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An acronym that you could use for a healthy prayer life is SCOPE. A SCOPE is a...

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June 2018

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We will dwell on the beatitudes section of the Sermon on the Mount over the next nine weeks, starting with...

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July 2018

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Mercy: It is one of the most powerful gifts to share with someone who has hurt or offended you, being both freeing and redemptive. It is also one of the most...

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August 2018

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When it comes to games, some people enjoy learning all the rules, not simply to play properly, but to...

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September 2018

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Don’t close your eyes to this detail. It comes on the heels of Jesus addressing (or dressing down) the disciples arguing over...

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October 2018

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Avoid a prayer life that tries to impress God – with extensive religious language or length in prayer. Once again...

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November 2018

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This proverb comes at the end of Jesus’ statements about judging and appears to insinuate that certain people might be categorized as...

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December 2018

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The Apostle Paul strongly desired to proclaim God’s message clearly. He mentored Timothy down that same path telling him...

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